The Weight Loss Motivation Bible

7 Custom Brainwave Entertainment MP3 Audio-Sessions in Weight Loss Program –

Transform Past Failures Into High Self Confidence for weight loss

In this software Dr. Patrick Porter (PhD) will help you move past old disasters with dieting.

You will analyze how through BWE (Brainwave Entertainment) you can take away the accumulation of poor patterns that damage your self-confidence and your self-belief.

You will super-charge your capability to prevail with your fat loss efforts as you analyze to suppose like a naturally skinny person.

Embrace Change And Get What You Want

Henry Ford said, “If you suppose you can, or you suppose you can’t, you are right.”

During this software Dr. Porter will have you believing you can!

You will tap into the imperative nature of actuality and adapt and alternate the matters can and study how to embody these things you have no desire over.

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You will analyze to faucet the unconscious to build the motivation and force to be triumphant the use of resources you didn’t understand you had. Tapping the capacity to dream and ultimately getting to stay in a fit, strong, slim and sexy physique – and to be in a position to do it besides all the warfare that people usually endure.

Super-Charge Your Motivation and
Lose All The Weight You Want

Dr. Porter has spent his profession helping people who choose to lose weight with little or no motivation.

During this session you will learn to flip the swap and transform procrastination into motivation.

You will examine the steps to becoming extra stimulated is to persuade yourself that you really have masses of legitimate reasons for wanting to lose weight and improve your health.

You will find out your very OWN motives for permanent lasting weight loss success.

Visualization Magic

In the Weight Loss Motivation Bible you are given a visualization secret that helps you to understand your relationship between your thought and body.

During this session Dr. Porter will help you to set off the success of this approach at the deepest degree of the thinking possible.

As you allow the neurosurgery algorithms to train your talent to balance and your existence to change you will grasp the art and science of visualization to attain all your goals.

High Value Exercise Your Key To Permanent Results

In existence you get what you rehearse no longer continually what you intent.

Most dieters fail at workout so they lose muscle which in returns hurts their metabolism. During this session, Dr. Porter will be guiding you thru the intellectual rehearsal that will help to put your exercise program on autopilot.

Learning that a little bit of something is better than a entire lot of nothing you locate the time and electricity to workout for lasting results.

Eliminate The Negative & Developing Positive Thoughts

During this session Dr. Porter will assist you get to THE CORE Of Your Motivation To Lose Weight.

Tapping into this wonderful resource will help you dispose of the poor from your thinking and body. Freeing your mind to build the advantageous mental sources that eliminate “fat thinking” for good.

You will recognize the advantages of healthful ideas developing healthful moves that will radically change your life and physique for good.

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Use Reality to Motivate You!

While each of these powerful visualization sessions support the concepts in the Weight Loss Motivation Bible, this session helps you tap one of the most effective tools you can use to inspire yourself is to return to your natural and ideal weight.

You will face your personal photograph of your personal reality.

You will find out if you are the use of the weight to disguise from anything? Learn if you are being trustworthy with yourself, or are you deluded?

Then through the power of your unconscious discover the underlying advantageous intention of the weight and resolve to meet that intention in a way that helps you being naturally thin.

This is the authentic advantage of the usage of your Genius for a change.

Once you make the exchange at the level the trouble was created you do away with the historical cause effect wondering and continue to be naturally thin!

When you down load The Weight Loss Motivation Bible, you will discover out:

Why it is okay if it takes even 3 months to ideal your personal meal format (Pg 33).

You can not use Jenny’s meal plan, anybody from Seattle’s, or one printed off the website. But what’s so remarkable about that is, due to the fact it’s ideal for you, it will have all your favorite meals and you will gleefully appear ahead to every and every gratifying meal, every and every day.

3 Body Transforming Benefits of Higher Self-Esteem–and how to get it. (Pg 11).

You’ll experience higher about yourself, so you may do better for yourself…which in flip will make you feel higher about yourself, again! Finally, you may be free from the vicious cycle and onto the vivacious cycle.

How an ‘imaginary’ button can protect you from bad thoughts (Pg 52).

Never again will you be victimized by using the ugly, spiteful feedback of others and, more importantly, these from yourself. With this technology, you’ll teach your intelligence to observe the negative and prompt the positive–literally burning new, “pro-you” neural pathways.

The surprising truth about hundreds of diets accessible – it’s no longer what you think. (Pg 4).

There’s greater than simply the “diet” yo-yo to comprehend about most weight-reduction plan plans

A 2-question Self-Quiz that makes your thoughts release your fat (Pg 41).

It’s like the “real you” that is hidden underneath the flab sooner or later receives to show off the actual you and what’s so incredible about that is, you will never go returned after you live your truth aloud.

How “Having More” in each location of you lifestyles makes you weigh much less (Pg 73).

You’ve constantly regarded intuitively that you cannot stick to a diagram the place you have to give up this and supply up that. Finally, a graph you can stick to because it is based on abundance as an alternative than scarcity.

The risks of the “Yogurt” substitute technique of reducing calories. (Pg 8).

You’ve viewed the classified ads the place any one replaces a greater calorie desire with a light yogurt, but did you be aware of that can definitely make you fatter? You’ll analyze why and how to keep away from it with The Weight Loss Motivation Bible.

And you won’t be alone…

Consider These Successes By People Just Like You…


Consider Trudy who can  ultimately say…

Stay consistent with your values, person hood and actions
Get results FAST that LAST
Feel really good inside and look really good outside
Proudly eat out, travel, and socialize with friends
Feel like making love to yourself whenever you pass a mirror
Enjoy what you eat — and do it whenever you feel hunger
Exercise minimally for maximal results
Display your progress proudly and publically in a bathing suit
Anticipate your quick visits to the gym and how others envy you
Only take actions that feel good in your body and to your life!


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