Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star (2017) Split AC (Aluminium, SAC 175 IY, White/Black)

Energy Rating: 5 Star Rating (2017). Note that as per Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), there is 2 factor electricity ranking drop in 2018 for non-inverter cut up ACs. E.g. a 2017 5 famous person non-inverter cut up AC will become 3 megastar in 2018.
– 1 year guarantee on product
– 5 years assurance on compressor
– Condenser Coil: Aluminium
– Split AC: 1.4 ton capacity
– Anti Dust Filter, Active Carbon, Nono Silver, Catechin Filter, Acaro Bacterium, Silver Ion

Sleep Mode gives you a at ease nights sleep; Turbo Mode supply immediate cooling and hence immediately alleviation from the heat; Swing feature ensures sufficient distribution round the room; LCD Remote for ease of operation; Lock Button; Timer for customizing hours of operation; Glow Button; Dual Temperature Display: Shows the ambient room temperature as nicely as the temperature set from the remote.




Headlights for this Split AC

  • 1.4 Ton
  • 5 Star split ac : For energy savings upto 25% (compared to Non-Inverter 1 Star)
  • Auto Restart: No need to manually reset the settings post power-cut
  • Aluminium : A value for money, standard alternative
  • Sleep Mode: Auto-adjusts the temperature to ensure comfort during your sleep

Product Description

No rely how warm or humid it is outside, with this Voltas break up AC, you can shortly cool down your room. Equipped with points like 3D Flow and Active dehumidifier, this 1.4-ton air conditioner ensures a exceptional environment.

Cool and Comfortable Ambience

Beat the summer time heat and cool down your room with its effective Insta-cool compressor. With its Active dehumidifier, you can manage the humidity ranges interior the room.

3D Flow

Quickly cools the room uniformly by means of enabling both vertical and horizontal motion of cool air.


  • In The Box
    • 1 Outdoor Unit 1 Indoor Unit
    • 1 Remote Connecting Pipes
  • Brand
    • Voltas
  • Model Name
    • SAC 175 IY
  • Type
    • Split
  • Capacity in Tons
    • 1.4 Ton
Q:What do you mean by star rating?
A:The energy efficiency of an air conditioner is rated in stars, from 1 to 5 rating. Higher the star rating, higher are the electricity savings.

45 dBA Silence

The special cross waft vane enables whisper-quiet operation, enabling the highest degree of comfort.

Triple Protection Filter

Unique set of filters that kills detrimental bacteria, eliminates dust, smoke and pollen particles, thereby giving clean and fresh air.

Turbo Mode

The turbo mode immediately cools down the room in the shortest time with the aid of mechanically growing the airflow to the maximum level.

Dual Display

The special twin show indicates both the set temperature as properly as the room temperature, thereby enabling operating convenience from the user.

Lock Button

The lock button prevents misuse of the AC. It locks all contemporary settings different than the lock. The lock button wishes to be pressed again to unlock.

Glow Light Buttons

Remote manipulate buttons glow in the dark, for ease of operation.

Self Diagnosis

The microprocessor in the AC auto analysis for any peculiar functions and screw ups after a fixed interval of time and routinely resets itself. In case of any error it routinely switches off the compressor and other electrical motors for security and protection. An error or safety code mechanically receives displayed on the indoor unit.

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