Pre-School Learning Vol. 3

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Welcome to Mac Donald’s Farm, where every day is full of fun and adventure. Join the popular characters of the farm – Baa Baa, Woof Woof, Quack Quack, Oink and Oinky, as they learn about the world around them with a little help from Moo Moo and Neigh Neigh. Endorsed by the Pre-School Learning Alliance, the stories feature social and early-learning themes, with which all young children will identify. 1. Safety It’s a day when farm animals learn the lesson of safety. Little Quack Quack is wise enough to advise Woof Woof, Oink and Oinky not to play indoors as they might hurt themselves and the others. Learn all about safety while playing. 2. Please and Thank You Woof Woof is too busy rushing around looking for his bone to remember his manners. Baa Baa has a clever plan to remind him and with Oink and Oinky’s help, they prepare a special magic show about those all-important ‘magic words’. 3. Big Band Having decided to start their own band, the animals soon find instruments to play, except for Woof Woof. But he soon discovers that he has a very special musical talent all of his own. 4. When I Grow Up All the animals on the farm want to be someone special when they grow up. While Baa Baa wishes to be a famous fashion designer, Woof Woof wants to be like Sheepdog Shep. But Oink wants to grow into a bigger pig just by sitting on the magical ‘growing book’. It that all he needs to do to grow up?
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