KORG Synthesizer, Arp Odyssey-FSQ2 (A), Multi-Colour

Price: ₹1,34,120.00 - ₹1,00,062.00
(as of Jan 26,2022 02:10:31 UTC – Details)

With perfectly replicated analog circuits and sound, and a full-size chassis to match the original, this is a limited-production product that is being reproduced and assembled using parts that are now dead stock. Rev1, Rev2, and Rev3 are each assembled in Japan, and are now available in small quantities as limited-edition models.Just for this occasion, the KORG SQ-2 step sequencer is also specially included in the package! A limited-edition ARP color version with orange silk-screening on a black panel has been added. Two mini-patch cables are also included so that you can start sequencing your ARP ODYSSEY FS right out of the box. By connecting via CV/GATE, synthesizer fans who prefer analog sequencing can enjoy the infinite possibilities of ARP s legendary synthesis on a full-size unit.Features:Full-sized ARP ODYSSEY equipped with a full-size, 37 note keyboardReproduction model assembled in Japan from an extremely limited number of stock componentsAvailable in all three generation color variants: Rev1, Rev2, and Rev3All three generation color variants contain all three original analog filter circuit revisionsPackaged together with a limited-edition ARP color version of the KORG SQ-2 step sequencer
The Odyssey was used by a veritable who’s who of artists, including Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Gary Numan, Tangerine Dream, Elton John, Jethro Tull, Nine Inch Nails, Vangelis, Ultravox, DEVO, Kansas, Jean-Luc Ponty, Brand X, and many, many more. So you’ll be in very good company when you add the ARP Odyssey to your synth arsenal.
For the Odyssey FS, the original design engineer, David Friend, was brought in as a consultant. Original schematics were deconstructed. Absolute authenticity was a must. For instance, it’s well-known that during its decade or so of production, the Odyssey sported three different filter designs. Type I was a 2-pole, with an open sound and biting resonance. Type II was a 4-pole ladder filter: round, fat, and rich great for basses.
The Odyssey FS gives you generous modulation options, including two envelope generators – an ADSR and an AR. Another feature is Sample & Hold – which allows you to modulate your pitch and filter settings using a variety of waveforms. The S/H section also includes the Output Lag slider, which generates a glide effect between voltage steps, effectively rounding off the edges of the LFO waveform.
The Odyssey’s Keyboard Gate and Keyboard Repeat switches let you forge all sorts of pulsing lines, perfect for bass. The Odyssey is a formidable synthesizer, and it’s packed with many more unique, useful features, including Portamento, Proportional Pitch Control, a white/pink noise generator, CV, Gate, and Trig in/out patch points – and a new Drive circuit that takes the instrument’s storied sonic pugnaciousness to a whole new level

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