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A Conversation with Ajay K Pandey

Ajay debuted as an author with his book you are the Best Wife. It was a heart-touching love story based on his life events and lessons. Ready with his second book, Ajay tells us what inspired him to write another love story – Her Last Wish.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming book Her Last Wish.

A. Ajay K Pandey: The title speaks for itself, but only one aspect of the love story that Her Last Wish is. It’s essentially a story of a young couple deeply in love. They have their share of everyday struggles, but the love keeps them going strong. Until one day, when Vijay gets to know that his wife Astha is HIV positive. It’s a sudden revelation, and he doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know about the infection either. Instead of judging her and pointing a finger at her, he decides to do something that only someone crazily in love can do.

Q: Why did you choose to write a love story around an AIDS patient?

A. Ajay K Pandey: I used to visit hospitals quite frequently when my wife Bhavna was unwell. There, I met a woman who was taking therapy for depression, and was HIV positive. I had a chat with her; we still talk about things. What she was going through couldn’t be expressed in words. It’s not just about your own body, but the social stigma that people make it out to be. This mindset had to be changed! So, I decided to write and dedicate the book to her.

Q: What gives you the inspiration to write?

A. Ajay K Pandey: Life does. And the lack of life-moments for some others perhaps. I was jolted when my wife Bhavna passed away, but also realized how important every living moment is. And then looking at someone who is living, and is treated like a dead person walking by the society is painful. I want to write, not just for pleasure, but for spreading love too.

Q. How is Her Last Wish different from your first book?

A. Ajay K Pandey: Honestly, my first book was not a book; it was my own journey with my wife. The second book is my attempt at writing fiction based on true events. Most people are not aware about AIDS or HIV. They mostly assume things and judge those who are infected. In my research, I found out that most HIV positive patients are depressed. They cannot share their bearings. They are fighting their war of depression and pain every day, and without any support from us. It’s a unique book that forces us to open our eyes to the truth and teach us how love can change a person’s life completely.

Q: We heard that you were depressed after your wife’s demise. How did you cope up with that?

A. Ajay K Pandey: When I lost my wife, my mind was occupied with two feelings: misery and anger. Initially I thought I was suffering the most in this world. But when I looked around, I realized that there are way too many people who are fighting for their survival. Everyone was fighting their own battle. This realization helped me recuperate and appreciate life.

Depression is the result of loneliness. If you do not have friends, start writing a dairy. Once you will start counting your blessings, you will realize what you have lost is very little in comparison to what life has given you. Avoid staying in the dark. Face people. Be with friends. Choose a friend with whom you can share your feelings. When I started writing a diary, it was like I was talking with my wife. Even if you cannot write, talk to your own self. I may sound weird to you on this, but I stood in front of a mirror and talked. I shouted at the person in the mirror and asked questions. You have to let it go.

And you have to learn to forgive yourself. We are human beings. We are bound to make mistakes. Your life is not only your life.

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