ElectriBles New 2in1 900M Range Beam 2 Mode Rechargeable Battery Penlight Waterproof Led Flashlight Torch 40W Emergency Table Lamp Long Range Flaslight

Price: ₹1,299.00 - ₹449.00
(as of Feb 27,2022 08:19:40 UTC – Details)

Powerful LED Flashlight This flashlight is a handy and powerful tool that increases your visibility in low light and no light conditions. The sophisticated focusing system allows you to use this torch as a flood light with a spread beam of light or as a spotlight with a narrow light beam. 4 Mode Light Of Light Flashlight High Mode Flashlight Low Mode F lash Light BeamL amp Light Battery Duration Well, if you have thought of buying Long Backup Rechargeable Torch Light than this Product can be a great choice for you. This rechargeable torch light has 50W LED provides super bright 3.7V 2×1200 mAh Battery . Built-in Long-Life and maintenance free rechargeable battery of high capacity which can give you 5 to 12 hours light backup when fully charged. This torch consumes less power which makes it extremely energy efficient. Compact design and portable so you can easily take it from one place to another. This lamp consumes less power which makes it extremely energy efficient. Lamp duration more then 10-12 hours when fully charged battery .
The torch is resistant to water. It can withstand splashes, spills, and downpours. It is also resistant to the effects of corrosion and rust.
The torch is powered by a powerful 50-Watt LED light. It can illuminate an indoor space and shoot a powerful beam of light for up to 100 metres.
The tail cap of the torch is provided with a study lamp. The lamp can be placed in an inverted position to provide ample light while you relax or spend time reading or studying.
This torch is integrated with a rechargeable battery. It is provided with a portable travel charger. This eliminates the need of replacing batteries regularly.

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