B FIT Gym Machine Cable Ball Stopper – Universal Size B 36

Price: ₹1,196.00 - ₹649.00
(as of Feb 01,2022 10:06:26 UTC – Details)

ow to install the ball stopper? This ball stopper uses with a new cable mostly. ▶ For a new cable, use cable to go through the hole of ball (and set other parts in right position if there are), peels a small section of plastic cover (if there is) of the cable. when connect it to a metal eyelet terminal, use a hydraulic crimper (plier) tool to squeeze the connecting part. if you don’t use a eyelet terminal, but make the cable with a loop end, you can use a wire rope clamp or crimping loop sleeve on the cable to fasten it. you need a spanner or hydraulic crimper to process it. ▶ For an old cable, firstly you need to cut off the end of the cable (where there is a eyelet or loop terminal), then use cable to go through the hole of ball (and set other parts in right position if there are), and process it just same as a new cable we mentioned above. Q&A from users – Q: How to install the ball stopper? – A: This is mostly for use with a new cable. The cable has to be went through the hole of the ball. Since most cables have loops at their ends, to install this on a cable that’s already in service, you’d have to cut the loop off. But then the cable wouldn’t be serviceable. You can get the cable and end-fittings from Home Depot, so replacing most cables is pretty easy. – A: In my case, I had to remove the existing cable from the machine by unbolting the cable from where it was attached to the frame. I then threaded the new rubber stopper onto the cable and then ran the cable through the pulley system and back to where I had removed the cable from the frame of the machine.
✔ [DURAL MATERIAL] Use high quality hard nylon. It could effectively reduce the impact force and protect the equipment
✔ [APPLICATION] used on cable assemblies to stop the cable and attachment bar as cable is retracted when lowering the weight stack of strength equipment

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